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How to Keep My Girlfriend Attracted to Me - Make Your Relationship Break Up Proof

One of the most common questions I get from guys who want to know how to keep their girlfriends attracted over a long period of time. That's very understandable, because this can be something that's tricky to figure out -- but believe me when I say that the answer is pretty simple.

Actually, I have a lot of respect for guys who ask this question. If you realize the importance of keeping your girlfriend attracted to you, then you're already a step ahead of most men. So many chodes start a relationship with a bang, but don't realize that their girlfriend's attraction levels need a constant upkeep, or they will lose everything that they built overnight.

Then, these same guys start asking me how to get their ex girlfriend re-attracted to them, when in many cases it's far too late!

Yes, an unfortunate issue with attraction is that it can be destroyed very quickly, even if you've been building it up for years.

Basically, because of the way a woman is psychologically wired, her attraction depends on the current "picture" of you that she has painted in her head.

How she feels about you (read: how attracted she is to you...) has everything to do with what that "picture" currently looks like. You can have her pining for you for years, and then mess it up and have that picture in her head replaed with something ugly. And then she's vulnerable to being attracted by another guy who is fresh.

Here's the thing. Because you obviously understand how important maintaining attraction is in your relationship (because you had the good sense to read this article in the first place), I'm not going to patronize you with silly advice.

Instead, I'm going to get straight to the point. Because there's a very simple way to keep any woman attracted to you for the long term...

A few years ago, I probably would have overcomplicated this. I woulda told you all of the attraction techniques that I have learned over my years as a pick up artist. But you know what? Techniques that work on a fresh or new relationship DO NOT work on a relationship that is already getting stale.

No, what I've found is that there is only ONE thing that can keep your girlfriend attracted to you year, after year, after year... and have her treating you exactly the same as she did in the beginning.

And that's great sex, lots and lots of great sex.

I'm serious.

Think about it. Think about the power of sex in our species. We are all ancestors to centuries and centuries of passionate sex.

And your girlfriend responds to good sex in a very powerful way.

Because you have been with your girlfriend for a long time, chances are sex isn't quite what it used to be? Forgive me for pointing out the obvious.

It's a rare thing for a guy to be able to excite a woman years (or sometimes even months) down the line. Women rely a lot on fantasy, freshness, and creativity to get off in a powerful way. And that's something you can only deliver so many times, right?

No matter how great you are in bed, there's only so many kinky ideas, positions, and places that you can have sex with your girlfriend to keep her excited and attracted to you.

But I have a "secret" for you, that will help to keep your girlfriend attracted to you for a long time.

Most men don't understand the simple secrets to giving a woman great sex (the kind that will keep her attracted). Most men give up on giving their girlfriend great sex, because they're out of fresh ideas, they feel like they can't last long enough in bed, or for a variety of reasons.

Let me destroy all of the myths and rumors... here is the secret to great sex. You need a great teacher. Let me do you a favor and refer you to one... you've got to watch this video. Also, get the free CD offered on the page after you click the button below, the stuff it teaches you to do to your girlfriend is amazing... (make sure you have a little bit of privacy, you want to surprise your girlfriend with this new stuff!)

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