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First Date Kiss - Make Sure You Do it Right

Let's face it. To us men, a date is just not a date if it doesn't end in at LEAST a kiss.

Unfortunately, most men report little success in consistently getting a kiss on the first date, and most women express immense disatisfaction at the way that guys usually try and make the kiss happen.

This is something that you HAVE to get right to be successful with women, because it has been documented time and time again that women will base her decision on how and when to sleep with you on the first date kiss. I've even had women tell me that I gave them the most perfect kiss they've EVER had. A properly kissed woman will treat you like an emperor, so listen up.

Let's take a look at what exactly makes a great first date kiss that will leave her wanting more, and more.... and then some more.

When that perfect opportunity comes, do not kiss her right away. You MUST realize that anticipation is the most important thing for a great first date kiss.

If you don't know how to tell what the right time to kiss a woman is, then I'll address that later.

But assuming that the time is right to kiss the girl... then always start out by staring into her eyes. Make sure that you feel a connection. You want to practically burn a hole through her with your intense stare.

Once you feel that little something in your stomach, move towards her... SLOWLY. Moving towards her slowly is so key that I cannot over emphasize it. Never, ever, lunge at her on a first kiss. The proper emotions for her to fully enjoy the kiss are only possible if everything is going in slow motion. You ever seen the Matrix? Yeah. Move in bullet time!

When you get close to her lips, close your eyes and only SLIGHTLY touch your lips to hers. At this point you aren't actually kissing her. You just want to make intiial contact. Make her anticipate some more. The goal is to have her feeling every single moment. You want her to actually be wondering "when is he gonna kiss me?"

After a few seconds of this, she will try and seal the deal herself. Before this happens, pull away, slowly (again), and stare even deeper into her eyes. Touch her hair.

Now, move towards her like you're going to kiss her again. This time, actually kiss her lips for a few seconds. No tongue yet. Just enjoy the contact. Then pull back (not quite so far this time) and stare into her eyes again.

Keep taking two steps forward, and one step back. This will have her body and mind literally BEGGING for you.

Once you feel that she is getting turned on enough, hold the back of her hair (right above her neck) firmly and kiss her with an open mouth this time. This is the grand finale, and will probably transition into an intense make out session (and because you got her so hot, maybe even more).

While kissing her, don't give tongue until she does. Then copy everything that she does. She will tell you how she wants to be kissed by the way she is kissing.

Trust me, this works, period. But the most important part of it is TIMING. If you don't use this technique at the right time, you can really ruin your chances with a girl.

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